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We now offer high quality bleached white sheet sets in 2 thread count. 180 count, and 200 count Percale. Please see our chart for size and prices. All sheets are made in the USA. Pack 4-5 dz per case, Pillow cases pack 12 Dz. Please visit our institutional section for more details.



We now offer attractive prices and selection on top brand names. We only sell first quality sheet sets. Choose from 180 and 200 thread counts. price are per set, Minimum order 1 Case. We receive the sets in assorted prints and designs and therefore we must sell them in the same way. All sheet sets unless otherwise indicated, are made in the USA. Please visit our Sheet Sets  section for more details.





We now carry the Vellux blankets, Over 58 million Vellux blankets have been sold worldwide since Vellux was invented 34 years ago. With  Vellux - unlike other blankets - you get a product that's virtually indestructible. We also carry other brand names such as Sure Value, Haven, Plymouth, Catalina, and Utility. Each brand carries its unique qualities and price level to fit your requirements. Please visit our Blankets Section for more information.


If you are buying pillows for an Institution, Hotel, Cruise Line, Goverment Agency, or School, you found the right address.

We sell around 3 trailer loads of Pillows per month, and we stock over 10 different styles.

We sell within the USA or export to the Islands, Latin America and the Middle East.

For prices and styles please visit our Pillows Section.


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